Eggstra-ordinary Easter Facts!



The long bank holiday weekend is here and it is finally time to eat chocolate whenever you want! To celebrate this sweet holiday we have pulled together some fun facts to keep you interested and ease you into the weekend –


– 76% of people bite the ears first on a chocolate bunny…do you?

– We know you love Creme eggs, but did you know that Cadbury produce 1.5 million of these delights every single day? How do they resist the temptation while making them?

– Households spend an average of £75 on Easter each year…that’s a lot of eggs!

– The average time to crack into that first delicious egg is 11am. Eggs for breakfast anyone?

– The tallest chocolate Easter egg was made in Italy. Being a mighty 10.39 metres tall and weighing a whopping 7,200 kg…that is heavier than an elephant and taller than a giraffe!!


Happy Easter everyone!



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Mum’s the word…fun facts about Mother’s Day!

ImageMother’s Day is fast approaching, but how much do you really know about this appreciative holiday? Why do we celebrate Mum just one day a year when we could do so everyday? If you are sitting there thinking the same, read on to find out more…


The beginning and meaning of Mother’s Day varies greatly by country and religion. For the Roman Catholics, the holiday is strongly about revering the Virgin Mary whereas in the UK, the holidays roots go deep into the times where Mother’s would meet up with their loved ones on a Sunday for Church. With traditions differing so much across the world and in the modern times, we have done a little bit of digging about Mum’s and Mother’s Day to give you some fun facts and figures about this fantastic holiday –


1. The average spend per person is £30 for Mother’s Day where as it is just £10 for Father’s Day (sorry Dad’s)

2. 46% of people in the UK send Mum a text or Facebook message rather than a card…with ordering a card direct to Mum being so easy and affordable from Gift Cookie, there really is no excuses this year!

3. 69% of Brits have openly admitted they have forgotten about Mother’s Day at least once – if you haven’t got our gifts yet, visit Gift Cookie!

4. There are over 2 billion Mum’s in the world

5. The most popular birth month is July

6. The average age of a first time Mum is 25


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Happy Valentine’s Day!


ImageHappy Valentine’s Day from all at Gift Cookie!

We’ve never looked so good…


New year…new website!


Here at Gift Cookie, your experience as a customer is important to us and that is why we have been working hard over the past few months re-vamping our website to have a fresh, sleek feel that is user friendly too! 


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Love is in the air!



It must be love, love love! Nothing more, nothing less…so why skimp on showing the lucky other half how you feel this year? Here at Gift Cookie, we are geared up to help you make sure she/he is more than impressed with your efforts! In the modern age, people believe less and less in spending a little something on a loved one for the sake of a holiday but us traditional hopeless romantics enjoy any excuse to send a sentiment.

So to take you back to how this tradition first started, Saint Valentine, who was he?!

Legends say that St. Valentine left a farewell love letter to the jailer’s daughter signed with the sweet words ‘from your Valentine’. Others say Valentine’s originated from a roman who was martyred for refusing to give up his beliefs that eventually died on February 14th.

Whichever story you believe, why not make this year the year to surprise your other half with a stunning personalised gift!

From beautiful silver finished heart trinket boxes to cheeky Purple Ronnie chocolate bars, there is something suitable for any relationship, young or old! View our full range – here!

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New year…new YOU!


The new year is here, a fresh start and the perfect time to make that all important life change! From diets, to quitting smoking, from joining a gym to giving up chocolate, the usual promises we make ourselves for the new year are vast but how many of us really stick to them?

Did you know?

The top ten list of resolutions for 2014 is as follows –

1      Lose Weight
2      Getting Organized
3      Spend Less, Save More
4      Enjoy Life to the Fullest
5      Staying Fit and Healthy
6      Learn Something Exciting
7      Quit Smoking
8      Help Others in Their Dreams
9      Fall in Love
10    Spend More Time With Family   

But only a poor 8% of us will actually stick to our resolution! So how can we make sure we set our target within reach?

Instead of focusing at what we currently can’t do, research suggests we should focus on what we can currently do..and promise to become better at it. Instead of learning a new language completely, why not improve on your current knowledge and writing skills? Or broaden your vocabulary? Instead of vowing to stop spending money, why not vow to spend money on things that are worth your time such as sight seeing and traveling rather than just wasting it?

We want to know what YOUR resolution is this year and how you plan to stick to it in the comments below

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Getting in the spirit of things!

Apart from an excuse to wear novelty knits and slogan jumpers, Christmas jumper day has been about raising money for a fantastic cause!


For every jumper worn, here at Gift Cookie we have donated a £1 each to Save the Children, why not take a look at some of our best winter woolies…



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